Real estate developer Sobha Realty

Real estate developer Sobha Realty

Exclusive selection of Sobha Realty

Sobha Realty is a major developer of premium commercial and residential properties in Dubai and has won numerous international awards and accolades

Facts about Sobha:

The developer has more than 390 successfully completed projects to its credit. The company was founded in 1976 in Bangalore (India) and initially specialized in interior design.

Sobha Limited's mission is to create global innovative projects and change the very concept of 'quality'.

The company has been honored with over 100 prestigious international awards, including Developer of the Year.

Sobha Limited has become the first Indian real estate development company to achieve international ISO 9001 certification.

One of the popular projects of this developer is Sobha Hartland, located in Dubai. This is a unique complex, which is located on 8 million square meters.


Investing in Sobha Realty real estate offers the potential for strong returns, prime locations, luxurious living, sustainability, and rental income

Prime Locations

Luxurious Amenities

Sobha Realty chooses prime locations for its projects, ensuring that the properties are in highly sought-after areas.

These amenities, like pools, gyms, gardens, and tracks, make the properties more attractive for people who want a good lifestyle or rental income.

Strong Reputation

This reputation ensures that the properties developed by Sobha Realty have reliable market value and can offer stable returns on investment.

Potential for Rental Income

Focus on Sustainability

Sobha Realty properties often attract high-quality tenants due to their reputation for quality and their prime locations.

Sobha Realty focuses on sustainability, using energy-efficient designs and eco-friendly materials. The developments also include green spaces to encourage an environmentally conscious lifestyle and boost long-term investment value.

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