Real estate developer Damac Properties

Real estate developer Damac Properties

Exclusive selection of Damac Properties

The company Damac prides itself on its fast project delivery. The developer always meets deadlines and delivers on time

Facts about Damac:

The global developer offers residential, commercial, and entertainment properties and has offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and the UK. It has a workforce of 1500+ employees.

Damac Hills' main jewel is an 18-hole golf club. Awarded the title of "Best Golf Club Project in the Arabian Peninsula" at the Property Awards in London.

The minimum area of 1-bedroom apartments - 78 square meters, 2-bedrooms - 114 square meters, 3-bedrooms - 427 square meters, villas - 211 square meters.

Damac is a reliable partner for investors, selling properties immediately after project presentations. Units are often sold out upon completion of the complex.

Most of all real estate objects are delivered in Dubai. The main activity of the company is construction and delivery of residential, hotel and entertainment facilities in the Persian Gulf.


Investing in Damac property is a wise choice for investors due to the company's strong reputation and successful track record

Rental Income Potential

Diversification of Investment Portfolio

Invest in Damac properties for rental income. The company excels in developing prime locations that attract tenants, ensuring steady rental income.

Investing in Damac properties diversifies investment portfolios. Real estate is a stable choice offering protection against market volatility when combined with other assets.

Potential for Long-Term Appreciation

With their track record of successful projects and high demand in the real estate market, there is a good chance that property values will continue to rise over time.

Strong Return on Investment

High-Quality Construction and Design

Investing in Damac properties can yield high returns due to their expertise in real estate and consistent demand for properties, leading to significant profits when selling or renting them out.

Damac is recognized for its premium construction and exquisite designs. Investing in their properties assures quality construction and appealing design, which can attract future tenants and buyers.

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