Discover the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai Creek Harbour real estate

Discover the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai Creek Harbour real estate

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Dubai Creek Harbour: A Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

Dubai Creek Harbour is a lively area in Dubai that blends modernity with cultural heritage. It has impressive architecture, luxurious homes, and diverse entertainment. The neighborhood is known for iconic landmarks like Dubai Creek Tower and offers a vibrant retail scene.

Dubai Creek Harbour is


Dubai Creek Harbour are summaries of the nearest attractions, parks, beaches, golf clubs and cinemas. For a more in-depth look at the local attractions, and to see what's on in and around Dubai Creek Harbour.

Dubai Creek Harbour is located beside the gleaming waters of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a state-of-the-art development in Dubai that offers a seamless blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. The standout feature is the iconic Dubai Creek Tower, set to become the tallest structure in the world.

With a well-connected transportation system, an expansive marina, retail outlets, diverse dining options, parks, and top-notch healthcare and educational institutions, Dubai Creek Harbour offers a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle for residents and visitors alike.

Residential Towers


Retail and Dining

Dubai Creek Harbour offers various retail and dining choices, such as shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. It caters to luxury shopping and delightful dining experiences.

Cultural District

Dubai Creek Harbour boasts a cultural district showcasing art, history, and innovation. It houses exceptional museums, galleries, and exhibition spaces highlighting local and international artworks, offering visitors a distinctive cultural encounter.
The Dubai Creek Harbour has many residential towers with modern and luxurious living spaces and stunning views of the Creek and the city. These towers offer a range of apartment sizes and layouts to suit different needs.

Transportation Network

Dubai Creek Harbour is well-connected with a comprehensive transport network, accessible through roads, bridges, public transport, and the upcoming Dubai Metro extension, ensuring convenient connectivity to the city.

Parks and Public Spaces

The development has landscaped parks, jogging tracks, cycling paths, and open public spaces for an active outdoor lifestyle and relaxation.

Educational Facilities

Dubai Creek Harbour recognizes the importance of education and offers exceptional educational institutions, including schools and universities. These institutions provide top-notch education and facilitate the growth and development of students in a stimulating environment.

In Dubai Creek Harbour, residential properties have an average asking price of AED 1.2 Million and an average transaction price of AED 1.07 Million. 1-Bed apartments have an average rental cost of AED 74,000 (as of August 2022). 2-Bed apartments start at AED 1.2 Million.

Property in Dubai Creek Harbour gives an ROI of 4% - 5.2% annually, depending on the views, layouts, sizes & location of the property.

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